Maryborough Estate, Cork

Having recently undergone a large renovation, this couple needed help to “finish out” the interior space. Flooring, carpets, kitchen and furniture already existed.

Having recently undergone a large renovation, this couple needed help to “finish out” the interior space. Flooring, carpets, kitchen and furniture already existed. However our design services were enlisted to elevate this house into a home to be proud of, to enjoy with family and friends. To add warmth through the addition of soft furnishings, lighting & accessories.

Hall, Stairs and Landing:

Here we added wall panelling, running it up the stairs and landing to instantly elevate the space, keeping the paint colours light and neutral. In a previously underutilised storage cupboard, we created a micro boot room, with bespoke individual compartments for each child in the family to store school bags, coats, sports equipment and shoes.

The windows were dressed with plain Roman blinds with the addition of a trim which pulled out the colour of the couple’s existing front door.

A large console table in the hall completed the look, alongside a mirror and pair of matching oversized lamps to create a sense of relaxed elegance on first impression

The Sitting Room:

They wanted this room to be a grown up space, a place to entertain friends in, and to retreat to in the evenings together.

This room had not been decorated yet – however the couple had purchased a pair of ochre velvet couches, so this was the starting point for our colour palette in this room.

A built in media unit along one side of the room, painted in a dark shade created a real focal point in this space, as well as adding atmosphere in the evening time when entertaining.

Cushions and throws elevated the existing sofas and added a layer of luxury and comfort.

A new neural carpet was put down, coffee table and sofa tables added.

A console table was placed in the window behind the sofa. Sockets were added to the floor to enable a pair of lamps to be added to the table to create soft atmospheric light in the evenings and that real sense of elegance.

The window was dressed with neutral luxurious linen interlined curtains. The addition of a statement trim on both leading and starting edges, echoed the ochre in the couches, and when pulled, creates a beautifully warm and intimate evening retreat.

We rehung the painting that had been in the kitchen to this room. Again it contained the ochre shade of the couches and thus finalised this fully considered space.

Kitchen, Living, Dining Space:

While the kitchen itself had already been completed, were tasked with softening the feel of this space. Creating a relaxing and practical space for the family to chill out in together.

Here again we were to keep the family’s existing sofa and dining table & chairs.

We continued the wall panelling and paint colour from the hallway through the kitchen, living and dining area to create one flow.

A built in dining nook and larger window elevated this space immediately. A cushion covered in a performance fabric allows for spills to easily be wiped clean, ensuring this was a practical, as well as a stylish addition. The new larger windows were dressed with pale blue linen blinds with statement green trim.

In the living area, we added a large window seat to being the beautiful gardens in, again covered in a practical yet stylish performance fabric. Using the existing couch, we added new cushions and throws, which gave it a fresh feel. The addition of a real olive tree in a wicker basket, adorned with fairy lights adds to the atmospheric and relaxed feel of this space.

We took down the art that had dominated the space over the fireplace and replaced it with the clock that had been elsewhere in the kitchen.

While all of the existing furniture was kept, with our help the space feels much calmer and inviting now.

A small touch of styling accessories were added to the existing kitchen and shelves for a finishing touch.

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