Our Services Include

Our Services Include

Mood-board & Accompanying Supplier List

This involves an initial client meet at your home or phone call to get to know your personality and style. We then take approx. 4-6 weeks to create a digital mood board. Along with the mood board, we also provide an accompanying document containing URL links to each item on the mood-board for you to purchase directly with the supplier. Depending on your location, it may not be possible to meet face to face. If this is the case, we will organise a phone call with you and set up a WhatsApp group for you to send photos directly to us of the room/rooms in question.

Complete Interior Design Management

This involves sourcing and scheduling of the required tradesmen for the project in question (plumber, painter, joiner, electrician, tiler etc). Ordering of furniture, lighting, soft furnishings, flooring, tiles etc from suppliers. Arranging deliveries, scheduling fitting dates (carpets, curtains , floors, tiles etc.) and complete styling of the room or rooms in question with final accessories. Where possible, we arrange all of the deliveries and final fittings to arrive towards the last day of the project. Then, on the final day, we send our clients out while we do a “Final Reveal” whereby we put all of the room or room’s together, light candles, light fires, hang paintings, style shelves, tables, arrange fresh flowers etc and you arrive back to an entirely new room.

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