We are two sisters who are passionate about Interiors and it is this passion that led us to go into business together.

Artistry, Creativity & Style has always been at our core – be it through food, painting, floristry or gardens, so having completed the restoration and extensions of our own Victorian homes in recent years, it was a natural transition that Interior design would remain our passion and become our career.

We began our business in 2021 specializing in residential homes for private clients. Since then we have developed our own signature style, which combines timeless design with contemporary living.

We have a layered and considered approach which elevates ordinary spaces into homes to be proud of.

“Passion is the fuel that inspires and

drives us forward in all our projects”

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a bespoke unique look for each of our clients, ensuring no two homes are ever the same. However, a pebble and sash project will always have our signature look, a room that invites one in, and is a pleasure on the senses. It combines luxury and style with comfort and warmth.

Alongside our bespoke design services, we are proud to have developed our own Pebble and Sash collection of ottomans, headboards, cubes and cushions. These are exclusively designed and handmade in Cork. Our chosen collection of fabrics have been carefully curated over many months to complement and enhance each other and to allow you to now bring our unique layered look into your own homes.

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